March 23, 2017


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17,000 AT&T Workers in California, Nevada Settle Strike

Agreement Ends Grievance Strike and Forces AT&T to Assign Properly Trained Staff to Job Sites 

CALIFORNIA, NEVADA — Seventeen thousand AT&T technicians and call center staff in California and Nevada will return to work Thursday after walking off the job Wednesday morning in protest of the company’s actions in changing working conditions in violation of federal law.

In an agreement reached late Wednesday night between the workers’ union, the Communications Workers of America, and AT&T leadership, the company will no longer require technicians to perform work assignments outside of their expertise and classification.

“We stand together in California and Nevada for good jobs and fair pay,” said Robert Longer, an AT&T technician in Sacramento. “We went on strike to demonstrate to the country that we will not do more work for less pay, especially when it puts us in a position not to deliver the best possible service.”

Workers from AT&T call centers and offices throughout California and Nevada picketed at dozens of locations across the two states with major picket lines in Los Angeles, Reno, Fresno, Sacramento, Bakersfield, Carson City, Tustin, San Diego and San Francisco.

The strike comes as negotiations for a new contract that covers 17,000 AT&T landline and broadband workers in California and Nevada drag on. Additionally, about 2,200 DIRECTV satellite and warehouse workers in California and Nevada who joined CWA in April 2016 are in negotiations with AT&T for a first contract. The workers are growing increasingly frustrated with the company’s attempts to short-change California and Nevada working families and communities; however, workers will return to work today with renewed strength and unified commitment to reach a fair agreement.

Nationwide, more than 21,000 AT&T wireless customer service and field workers are working under a contract extension that can be terminated with 72 hours’ notice as they continue to bargain with the company. In the last week, wireless workers have intensified their calls on AT&T executives to end to offshoring and outsourcing and have joined rallies and pickets coast to coast demanding good jobs that support their families and quality customer service.

AT&T reported $41.8 billion in revenue for the fourth quarter of 2016 and has posted profits of more than $1 billion a month over the previous 12 months.

While AT&T is extremely profitable, the company has become disconnected from the day to day issues facing workers and customers. Despite the financial success, the company is asking its workers to do more for less — keeping them from their families with unpredictable overtime, undercutting pay and advancement, offshoring good jobs, and pushing more healthcare costs onto employees. At the same time, customers are paying increasingly higher bills to AT&T for essential services.  The issues raised by AT&T workers are similar to those raised by Verizon workers last year in a 45-day strike.


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Grievance Strike Ends

Congratulations Everyone!

CWA was successful in resolving the grievance strike today thanks to all of the hard work and dedication of the Locals working together in solidarity!  We were able to show the company in a blinding display of Union Power that we are united and ready to finish this fight.

View the signed agreement here regarding the grievance strike originating from Local 9511.  In addition to the signed agreement, the Locals will roll out the appropriate scope of work concerning the issue of Port Swaps, to the Premises Technicians and local management.  Our Local has been pushing for this for years, so this is a tremendous victory.

All AT&T employees are to return to work as they normally would tomorrow, Thursday 3/23/2017, at their normal work locations and their normal reporting time.  There is a grace period for returning to work, which will be handled on a case by case basis between the Local and the Company.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS ALL!  This victory is all yours!

In Solidarity,

CWA Local 9003

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Grievance Strike


Bargaining report as of 8 pm on Tuesday, March 21. Our AT&T unit is on a grievance strike as of  6:00 am Wednesday, March 22nd. This is due to a grievance filed out of CWA 9511 regarding the company having all of our premises technicians work out of scope and doing port swaps which is Not in our contract. Again, as of 6 am on Wednesday, March 22nd we, at AT&T, are on a grievance strike! All employees should report to their work locations and report to their picket captains! Please report to your union steward for more details! If there is a resolution, we will keep you posted!

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Tentative AgreementCWA reached a tentative agreement with Verizon on a four-year contract that includes improvements on some items and held the line on Company-proposed take-backs.  A full summary of the agreement is available here.

The CWA Bargaining Committee believes this to be a good agreement and is recommending a Yes vote on the contract.  Ballots are being sent to all eligible members and will be tallied on March 30th.

This contract covers approximately 160 employees in California working for what is officially called Verizon Select Services Inc. (California).  They were not part of last year’s sale of wireline properties to Frontier.

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The CWA Bargaining Committee met with DTG management on 2/22/2017. The CWA committee consists of Cherie Brokaw, Chair and CWA District 9 Staff Rep., Wynter Hawk, CWA Local 9003 Organizer, Kaishia Davis, Instant Return Rep at DTG, Teddy Mammo and Sham Sharma, RSA’s at DTG.

At that meeting the Union and the Employer agreed on the ground rules for the negotiations and set a follow up meeting date of March 16th. The Union Committee is in the process of reviewing the Company’s response to the our Request for Information.

Support Your Bargaining Team!

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CWA/SEIU 2015 Bargaining Report #3

SEIU report #3

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2017 Membership Meeting Schedule


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