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CWA 9003

With the CWA 9003/SEIU 2015 Contract expiration in October of 2016, this notice is hereby given announcing nominations for the CWA 9003/SEIU 2015 Bargaining Committee.

The CWA 9003 Bargaining Committee will consist of 5 bargaining members: Janine Munson – CWA District 9 Staff Representative, Mike Frost – CWA 9003 Executive Vice President, Dekoler Allison – CWA 9003 Area Steward, the 2 remaining positions and 2 alternates will be determined by election.

If you wish to nominate someone, or self-nominate, please submit a letter to Local 9003 NO LATER THAN May 25, 2016. The letter should contain the name, address, personal contact information, along with personal e-mail address and cell phone number. Be sure to include the mailing address of the nominee. Letters may be mailed to:

CWA/SEIU Bargaining Committee Election
825 So. Victory Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91502

Election of Bargaining Committee Members shall be by secret ballot cast during the month of June, 2016. Ballots shall be mailed to each member’s last known home address.

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Shareholder activismThe Annual AT&T Shareholders meeting is being held on April 29, 2016 in Billings, Montana. While AT&T goes to great lengths to make these important meetings inaccessible to the vast majority of their shareholders, we can still make our voices heard.

Some dedicated CWAers will be traveling to the meeting in person, but for the rest of us who own stock, we can vote our shares in ways that help make AT&T a better corporate citizen and . . . more responsive to the workers who make the profits.

If you own shares, you should have received voting materials.

Here are our recommendations:

1. Election of 12 Directors. VOTE CONSCIENCE
2. Auditor. VOTE AGAINST
3. Advisory approval of executive compensation. VOTE AGAINST
4. Approval of 2016 Incentive Plan. VOTE AGAINST
5. Political spending report. VOTE FOR
6. Lobbying report. VOTE FOR
7. Independent Board Chairman. VOTE FOR

Click here for the CWA Shareholder flyer.  Please share it!



Striking Verizon Workers Need Your Help


This is urgent. 40,000 Verizon and Verizon Wireless workers were just forced to go on strike to protect their jobs.

After ten months trying to reach a fair contract, workers walked off the job at 6 a.m. today.

Click here to sign the petition to support striking workers.


Verizon workers are standing together to make sure the needs of working families are met, instead of standing by as a handful of individuals get richer and richer.

They’re standing together because Verizon has fired, threatened, and intimidated working people at Verizon Wireless who are trying to create a better future for themselves and their families.

They’re standing together because they want to earn a living in their own communities instead of moving away from their homes and families for months at a time. They want good jobs to stay in the United States, not be sent overseas.

They’re standing together to make sure that working people at Verizon can not just make a good living, but have a good life.

Please take action and stand with striking workers. Click here to sign the petition.

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CWA District 9 and AT&T-West are currently bargaining for a new contract.  Bargaining Bulletins are being posted on the CWA 9003 Facebook page as well as the CWA District 9 webpage.  You may also call the Local Hotline at 818-753-6966 for updates on bargaining and mobilization activities.

FullSizeRender (003)Bargaining is not a spectator sport.  Our bargaining team are very good at what they do, but they need our support.  That’s what we refer to as Mobilization.  Each CWA Local representing AT&T-West members is now engaging in activities to build our strength and increase the leverage our bargainers have at the negotiating table.

Want to be a part of the CWA 9003 Mobilization Team? Contact our Mobilization Chair Pamm Bell for more information or ask your Steward how you can help.

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CWA blue

For release April 10, 2016, 12:01 a.m.
Contact: Ameenah Salaam, CWA District 9, 916-716-2357

Contract Expires at AT&T West

Workers Will Stay on the Job and Continue the Fight for a Fair Contract  

Sacramento, CA  – The 15,000 workers at AT&T West, members of the Communications Workers of America, will work without a contract as their collective bargaining agreement expired at midnight.

“We’re going to continue fighting for a fair contract while we stay on the job,” said CWA District 9 Vice President Tom Runnion. “For weeks we have called on AT&T West to get serious about bargaining and negotiate a fair agreement for its workers.  Our members showed their determination to achieve a fair contract with over 95% voting to authorize a strike if necessary.  That remains an option,” Runnion said.

Negotiations cover workers at AT&T West in California and Nevada.  AT&T is a very profitable company and its $49 billion purchase of DirecTV closed last July.  However, in bargaining for the workers who have helped make it successful, AT&T is demanding outrageous concessions.

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What It Means to Work Without a Contract

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ScholarshipsThe NettWorth Financial Group Donna Castleberry Scholarship Fund awards college scholarships to dependents of union members across the country. Since 2001, more than $160,000 has been given to fund the education of dozens of promising young men and women.

Scholarship applications can be requested and submitted between January 1st and May 31st each year. You may submit an application online at Nettworth Financial Group or contact CWA 9003’s Nettworth Financial Advisor Bryan Schwartz at 818.296.9646, 909.747.7699 or

For more information on other scholarships that may be available to CWA family members, you may contact our Education Committee Chair, Myesha Glover.



March 1, 2016 was day-one of CWA’s national organizing drive for former DirecTV employees.

Local 9003 organizers were in Lancaster, CA this morning where DTV techs showed their Union support by signing authorization and membership cards for CWA.Time to Organize

The campaign has a limited period in which to gather a majority of signed authorization cards. Local organizers will be visiting each location where DTV employees now work in order to give them an opportunity to join us.

Once a majority of DTV employees sign up, CWA will deliver their authorization cards to AT&T who will then grant voluntary recognition for CWA to enter into contract talks. DTV employees are not part of our current contract negotiations with AT&T-West.

AT&T is obligated by our current contracts to remain neutral and is barred from discouraging or otherwise interfering with the process. Judging by our early polls, DTV employees should choose CWA membership by a wide margin.

Stronger together!


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