CWA 9003 Election Results


*T Santora    197
Dave Frechette 195

*Rick Ruiz    307
*Roland Troy  303
*William Consolo 254
*Pamm Bell  251
*Shelia Bordeaux 228
Nick Berliner  216

*Denotes elected.

Election Committee: Mike Lorraine, Chair
Thadd Steiner
Bob Henderson
Suzi Weimer
Jeff Collins
Den’o Greer
Cathie Meyer
Climmie King-Johnson

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AT&T Bargaining Council Adopts National Items

EVP Marisa Remski & President T Santora speak at the AT&T Bargaining Council Meeting

EVP Marisa Remski & President T Santora speak at the AT&T Bargaining Council Meeting

Delegates to the AT&T National Bargaining Council adopted a comprehensive list of bargaining items and goals at its first-ever meeting in Chicago.

Our Local was represented there by President T Santora and Executive Vice President Marisa Remski.

Below is an unofficial list of those items. The official list will be published by the National Union and distributed to Locals in the coming weeks. The items adopted were based on the text submitted by the CWA Telecom AdHoc.

President Santora, who Co-Chairs the AdHoc presented each item to the Council meeting and received overwhelming support from the delegates. These items will now be pursued at each of the six AT&T bargaining tables beginning in 2015 through 2017. Per the recent changes to the CWA Constitution, no bargaining committee may change, delete or modify these items without concurrence from all six CWA District/Sector Vice Presidents representing AT&T members. If no concurrence is reached, only the CWA National President may authorize a change.

Additional regional items may be added for each separate contract based on the unique issues and bargaining history of that unit. District 9 Local Representatives will develop and vote on our regional items for AT&T-West negotiations late next year in preparation for contract expiration in 2016.


1- WAGES Item – General wage increase that leaves all members financially better off overall at the end of bargaining, than they were at the beginning, in terms of real earnings and new money.


Item – Improvements in the healthcare benefits of current employees and retirees.

Goal – To include less premiums, less out of pocket cost and better coverage with no multiple tier benefits

Item – Mandatory post-retirement bargaining for future retiree’s pension and healthcare benefits.

Goal – Ensure that post-retirement healthcare and pensions cannot be unilaterally changed after retirement and that they keep up with the cost of living.


Item -Defined benefit pensions for all employees.

Item – Improve pensions and other retirement-related benefits.

Goal – minimize early retirement penalties and maximize options, including early cash out of vested pensions, and lowering eligibility age and service requirements.

Item – Annual cost of living increases for all future and current retirees.

Goal – Add self-directed 401k option for all bargaining units.


Item – Improve the current employment security clause on all levels including the premises technician and wire technicians.

Item – Guaranteed formal instructor-led company provided training for all jobs of the future.

Item – Watermark of 100% of headcount at the expiration of the current CBA for the duration of the new contract.

Goal – Enhance incentives for employees to leave voluntarily.

Item – Improve language addressing subcontracting, non-union subsidiaries, outsourcing and management doing what should be bargaining unit work, including existing and new technologies such as internet protocol for example.


Item – New work to be CWA represented and not migrated to lower wage scales.

Item – Keep and improve the National Transfer Plan.

Goal – Improve voluntary transfer rights to all entities within AT&T with seniority, benefits and pension protection.

Goal – Employees who are satisfactory in their current jobs are eligible to transfer.


Item – Form one Joint National 2020 committee with representatives of each bargaining unit and provide for committees on technological change, training and retraining and career development.

Goal – To identify skill and knowledge sets required and to create carrier paths for employees to successfully migrate to new jobs of the future.


Item – Improve on Premises Technician (Wire Technicians) and higher rated titles issue regarding scope of work.

Item – Move all titles in appendices and addendums to the core contract.

Goal – Core overtime language (time and a half and double time) apply to all appendices.

Goal – Improve working conditions for all work center titles as it pertains to monitoring.

Goals – Improvement in the working conditions of all titles, including sales pressure on Service Representatives. Equitable treatment for all titles. Pay treatment for all titles to be commensurate with all work performed. No expansion of Premises Technician (Wire Technicians) Scope of Work.

8. – UNITY BARGAINING Item – Bring all contract expiration dates together. 

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Annual Clothe-A-Child Raffle!

ShoesThe Season of Giving is back!  As the Holidays approach, now is the time to consider those less fortunate then ourselves.  Please consider giving to CWA 9003’s homegrown charity of choice by purchasing your raffle tickets today.  Or, you may give through United Way to the CWA 9003 Children’s Fund.  Here’s our story:

More than 45 years ago, a CWA service technician in Hollywood started a collection at work to buy new shoes for the boys at a nearby orphanage in time for Christmas. This technician was raised in the Hollygrove Home for Boys and remembered what a rare treasure a new pair of shoes was. News of the collection spread quickly and became an annual tradition for his entire Local union.

Today, that tradition is being carried on by the CWA 9003 Children’s Fund through our annual Clothe-A-Child Program.

Although Hollygrove has changed its mission, our program lives on.  The Fund is keeping the tradition of bringing volunteers and needy children together each holiday season. Through our collaboration with Alexandria House in Los Angeles, we are able to create a truly transformative experience for both homeless kids and our generous volunteers.

Alexandria House provides homeless mothers and their children with a transitional home while they stabilize their lives and learn new skills to establish a base for a more permanent solution.  Our volunteers assist the kids in selecting a brand new winter outfit.  Then Santa drops in to bring them a toy on their wish list.  The day is capped with a special outing arranged just for the kids.

CWA 9003 is able to keep this tradition alive primarily through annual raffle ticket sales. Merchants, vendors, and many generous individuals donate a long list of fabulous raffle prizes each year (click here for an updated prize list).  At our Annual Holiday Party, the raffle tickets are drawn and the winners announced.

You can support our Clothe-A-Child program by purchasing your raffle tickets today.  The CWA 9003 Children’s Fund is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with absolutely no administrative costs. Donations are 100% tax deductible. Won’t you help?

For raffle tickets, or more info about our programs, please contact Pandy Allen, Secretary Treasurer.

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How Are Americans Doing Financially?

A story by Neil Irwin of the New York Timesgrowing wealth confirms what most working and middleclass families are experiencing.

Irwin lays out the facts and some of the main reasons why we’re “just not feelin” it.” He discusses a new report by the Federal Reserve’s newly published Survey of Consumer Finances.

So how are we doing? For most of us, there has been no recovery in our incomes. The most basic measure of financial well-being is how much money people make and how much that money can buy. But there are many factors worth taking into consideration.

Wages as a Share of Income
Percentage of pretax total income
Wealth has been stagnant despite markets’ recovery
Fewer Americans Own Stocks
Total Household Debt
Debt payments as a share of family income

Add it all up, and how are Americans doing? The progress in reducing debt burdens is good news, and it leaves Americans less vulnerable to shocks. But as long as incomes are not rising for most Americans and the booming market is not widely enjoyed, there’s little reason to expect people to be happy with the results they’re getting.

For the full story, follow the link above.

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CWA’s General Election Recommendations

vote buttonThe 2014 General Elections are around the corner.  You will soon receive your Voter Information Guide from the California Secretary of State along with an application to Vote By Mail.  Election day is Tuesday, November 4, 2014.

The Legislative/Political Committee of the CWA Southern California Council has conducted dozens of candidate interviews in consultation with the California Labor Federation in order to make the following recommendations to our members.

State Constitutional Offices
Governor                                                           Edmund “Jerry” Brown
Lieutenant Governor                                      Gavin Newsom
Secretary of State                                            No Recommendation
Attorney General                                            Kamala Harris
Controller                                                          Betty Yee
Treasurer                                                          John Chiang
Superintendent of Public Instruction         Tom Torlakson
Insurance Commissioner                             Dave Jones
Statewide Ballot Measures
Proposition 1           Safe Drinking Water                    Recommend: Vote YES
Proposition 2           State Reserve Policy                     Recommend: Vote YES
Proposition 45         Healthcare Insurance Rates      Recommend: Neutral
Proposition 46         Drug Testing Doctors                  Recommend: Vote NO
Proposition 47         Criminal Sentences                      Recommend: Vote YES
Proposition 48         Indian Gaming Pacts                  Recommend: Vote Neutral

Follow this link for a complete list of CWA endorsed candidates for the Greater Los Angeles area.  For recommendations on races in other parts of the state, please contact our Legislative-Political Committee at

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NLRB Judge Tells AT&T To “Cut The Crap!”

Cut the Crap!In what is shaping up to be a landmark ruling from the National Labor Relations Board, the Administrative Law Judge who heard the charges filed by CWA against AT&T for what has come to be known as “The Sticker Wars”, issued a sweeping ruling on April 23, 2014 in favor of the union and it’s members, primarily Premises Technicians, who refused to remove “WTF”, “Cut The Crap”, and other union buttons during contract negotiations.

In his 52 page decision, Judge John J. McCarrick orders AT&T to cease and desist from threatening employees with discipline, attendance occurrences, or loss of pay for wearing union buttons or stickers. In addition, he orders AT&T to “make its employees whole for lost pay as a result of wearing union insignia”.

The Judge goes on to order employees who were refused work for wearing union buttons and stickers to be made whole for any loss of earnings and benefits, including interest. He also orders AT&T to rescind Sect. 13.3 of the Premises Technician Guidelines which prohibit the wearing of union buttons or other union insignia.

This is a huge win for workers’ rights to demonstrate union solidarity and engage in protected concerted activities. Although only those who the Company refused to dispatch will receive back pay under the order, the thousands of members who stood with them in protest and refused to cross picket lines were vindicated as well.

AT&T has decided to appeal the order to the full National Labor Relations Board.  However, from the beginning, we knew we were on solid ground.  The order painstakingly lays out the law and the violations AT&T committed.  We hope the Company will “rethink possible” and do the right thing to implement the order without further delay.


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