Official Notice of Elections

VoteAt the General Membership meeting on September 17, 2014 nominations were accepted for Local Officers and Executive Board Members.

Several nominees were unopposed and therefore elected by acclamation.  Congratulations to Marisa Remski, Executive Vice President; Pandy Allen, Secretary Treasurer; Mike Frost, Vice President – Verzion; Kate Harden, Executive Board Member – Verizon; Jorge Rivera, Executive Board Member – Verizon who were all re-elected.  Also, Ken Slothour was elected as Vice President – AT&T without opposition.

Election of the remaining Officers and Executive Board Members shall be by secret ballot. Ballots and voting instructions shall be mailed to each member’s last known home address on September 30.  A runoff election, if required, shall be held in November.

Each workplace Union Bulletin will be posted with an Election Committee Notice containing the names of those candidates for the remaining offices (download notice here).

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AT&T Bargaining Council Survey

EVP Marisa Remski & President T Santora will attend the Bargaining Council meeting on Oct. 7.

EVP Marisa Remski & President T Santora will attend the Bargaining Council meeting on Oct. 7.

On October 7, CWA will convene the first National AT&T Bargaining Council in Chicago to determine the union’s priorities for our next rounds of bargaining with the core company.  We need your input in setting those priorities.

The items selected by the Bargaining Council will guide the bargainers at each of the separate regional bargaining tables when those contracts come up for negotiations.  The Bargaining Council meeting is a direct result of changes to the CWA Constitution that our Local supported in order to improve our bargaining position and avoid conflicts with other CWA Districts/Sectors over issues like health care, pension/retirement benefits, general wage increases, Prem Tech scope of work, etc.

While our contract with AT&T-West (Dist. 9) does not expire until April 9, 2016, the first round of major bargaining with AT&T will be next year for contracts with Legacy T (T&T), AT&T-Southeast (Dist. 3), and AT&T-Midwest (Dist, 4).  CWA Dist. 6’s contract with AT&T-Southwest expires in 2017. The priorities set at the Chicago meeting will guide CWA’s bargaining efforts with AT&T for the next 4 years.

Please download and complete our National Bargaining Council SurveyReturn your no later than Friday, October 3, 2014 at 5

p.m..  Instructions for returning the survey may be found on page 2 of the document.

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How Are Americans Doing Financially?

A story by Neil Irwin of the New York Timesgrowing wealth confirms what most working and middleclass families are experiencing.

Irwin lays out the facts and some of the main reasons why we’re “just not feelin” it.” He discusses a new report by the Federal Reserve’s newly published Survey of Consumer Finances.

So how are we doing? For most of us, there has been no recovery in our incomes. The most basic measure of financial well-being is how much money people make and how much that money can buy. But there are many factors worth taking into consideration.

Wages as a Share of Income
Percentage of pretax total income
Wealth has been stagnant despite markets’ recovery
Fewer Americans Own Stocks
Total Household Debt
Debt payments as a share of family income

Add it all up, and how are Americans doing? The progress in reducing debt burdens is good news, and it leaves Americans less vulnerable to shocks. But as long as incomes are not rising for most Americans and the booming market is not widely enjoyed, there’s little reason to expect people to be happy with the results they’re getting.

For the full story, follow the link above.

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CWA’s General Election Recommendations

vote buttonThe 2014 General Elections are around the corner.  You will soon receive your Voter Information Guide from the California Secretary of State along with an application to Vote By Mail.  Election day is Tuesday, November 4, 2014.

The Legislative/Political Committee of the CWA Southern California Council has conducted dozens of candidate interviews in consultation with the California Labor Federation in order to make the following recommendations to our members.

State Constitutional Offices
Governor                                                           Edmund “Jerry” Brown
Lieutenant Governor                                      Gavin Newsom
Secretary of State                                            No Recommendation
Attorney General                                            Kamala Harris
Controller                                                          Betty Yee
Treasurer                                                          John Chiang
Superintendent of Public Instruction         Tom Torlakson
Insurance Commissioner                             Dave Jones
Statewide Ballot Measures
Proposition 43         Safe Drinking Water                    Recommend: Vote YES
Proposition 44         State Reserve Policy                     Recommend: Vote YES
Proposition 45         Healthcare Insurance Rates      Recommend: Neutral
Proposition 46         Drug Testing Doctors                  Recommend: Vote NO
Proposition 47         Criminal Sentences                      Recommend: Vote YES
Proposition 48         Indian Gaming Pacts                  Recommend: Vote Neutral

Follow this link for a complete list of CWA endorsed candidates for the Greater Los Angeles area.  For recommendations on races in other parts of the state, please contact our Legislative-Political Committee at

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NLRB Judge Tells AT&T To “Cut The Crap!”

Cut the Crap!In what is shaping up to be a landmark ruling from the National Labor Relations Board, the Administrative Law Judge who heard the charges filed by CWA against AT&T for what has come to be known as “The Sticker Wars”, issued a sweeping ruling on April 23, 2014 in favor of the union and it’s members, primarily Premises Technicians, who refused to remove “WTF”, “Cut The Crap”, and other union buttons during contract negotiations.

In his 52 page decision, Judge John J. McCarrick orders AT&T to cease and desist from threatening employees with discipline, attendance occurrences, or loss of pay for wearing union buttons or stickers. In addition, he orders AT&T to “make its employees whole for lost pay as a result of wearing union insignia”.

The Judge goes on to order employees who were refused work for wearing union buttons and stickers to be made whole for any loss of earnings and benefits, including interest. He also orders AT&T to rescind Sect. 13.3 of the Premises Technician Guidelines which prohibit the wearing of union buttons or other union insignia.

This is a huge win for workers’ rights to demonstrate union solidarity and engage in protected concerted activities. Although only those who the Company refused to dispatch will receive back pay under the order, the thousands of members who stood with them in protest and refused to cross picket lines were vindicated as well.

AT&T has decided to appeal the order to the full National Labor Relations Board.  However, from the beginning, we knew we were on solid ground.  The order painstakingly lays out the law and the violations AT&T committed.  We hope the Company will “rethink possible” and do the right thing to implement the order without further delay.


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