Union Voting Guide March 7, 2017

Local Measures:

LA City Measure S = NO                                           LA City Proposition N = NO

LA City Proposition M = Yes                                    LA County Measure H= Yes

Los Angles City:

Mayor – Eric Garcetti                        LA City Attorney – Mike Feuer

Council Dist 1 = Gil Cedillo                        Council Dist 3 = Bob Blumenfield

Council Dist 5 = Paul Koretz                       Council Dist 7 = Monica Rodriquez

Council Dist 9 = Curren Price                      Council Dist 11= Mike Bonin

Council Dist 13 = Mitch O’Farrell              Council Dist 15 = Joe Buscaino

School Boards and Trustees:

LAUSD Board:                                                           LA Community College Trustees:

Dist 2 = Monica Garcia                                              Dist 2 = Steve Veres

Dist 4 = Steve Zimmer                                               Dist 4 = Ernest Moreno

Dist 6 = Imelda Padilla                                               Burbank USD = Steve Frintner

Other cities:

Azusa City Council =                         Eddie Alvarez & Robert Gonzales

Bell City Council =                             Alicia Romero & Ana Marie Quintana

Bellflower City Council =                  Juan Garza

Burbank City Council =                     Bob Frutos, David Gordon, Jess Talamantes

Compton Mayor =                              Aja Brown

Compton City Council Dist 3 =          Tana McCoy

Compton City Attorney =                   Graig Cornwell

Covina City Council =                        Jorge Marquez & Victor Linares

Gardena Mayor =                                Mark Henderson

Gardena City Council =                      Shannon Lawrence

Huntington Park City Council =         Karina Macias & Manuel Avila

Inglewood City Council Dist 1 =       George Dotson

La Verne Mayor =                              Tim Hepburn

La Verne City Council =                    Matthew Lyons

Monterey Park City Council =           Peter Chan & Hans Liang

Norwalk City Council (2 yr seat) =    Margarita Rios

Norwalk City Council (4 yr seat) =    Esperanza Free & Enrique Aranda

Pasadena City Council Dist 5 =          Victor Gordo

South El Monte Mayor =                    Joseph Gonzalez

San Gabriel City Council =                Denise Menchaca & Chin Ho Liao

West Hollywood City Council =        John Duran & John Heilman

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For Immediate Release: February 11, 2017

Contact: Anjali Cadambi; 503-984-4020; anjali.cadambi@berlinrosen.com

Sarah Ford; 812-243-7152; sarah.ford@berlinrosen.com


In latest bargaining round for nationwide AT&T wireless contract, AT&T Workers Hold the Line on End to Outsourcing and Offshoring, 38,000 Wireless and Wireline Workers Unite Fight for Good Jobs

Sen. Sherrod Brown and Reps. Pocan, Schakowsky and Norcross call on AT&T executives to support good jobs in USA

NATIONWIDE – As AT&T workers refuse to back down from their demands that the company end offshoring and outsourcing, wireless, wireline and DirecTV workers across the country announced they will unite their fights for good jobs. For AT&T, that means more than 38,000 workers nationwide are together calling on the company to invest in its core workforce that helps it bring in over $1 billion a month in profits.

Under a contract extension that can be terminated with 72 hours’ notice, workers will continue to bargain with the expectation that AT&T executives will come to the table with good faith proposals that protect family-supporting American jobs and invest in the country where customers have made the company a $250 billion telecom giant.

“To date, AT&T executives have been making proposals that are insulting to American workers and customers alike,” said James Stiffey, a retail worker from Pittsburgh, PA. “We’re ready to do whatever it takes to win a fair contract that protects us from cuts to the jobs and benefits our families rely on and call on AT&T to come to the table with contract proposals that show they are serious about good jobs and quality customer service.”

After AT&T wireless workers voted by a 93 percent margin to authorize a strike if it becomes necessary, hundreds of retail and call center workers and field technicians joined rallies outside stores and call centers in 36 cities this weekend. In cities from New York to Chicago to Sacramento, AT&T workers called on the company to support their workforce with a fair contract that ends offshoring and outsourcing and supports high quality customer service.

While AT&T’s profits keep growing, it has cut more than 8,000 call center jobs and offshored thousands of jobs to Mexico, the Philippines, India, the Dominican Republic and other countries. In the past few years, AT&T has also outsourced the operation of more than 60% of its wireless retail stores to low-wage, low-quality 3rd party dealers.

Outraged at AT&T’s decisions and latest contract proposals, members of Congress are calling on company executives to support good, middle-class jobs. Recently, seven U.S. Senators sent a letter to President Trump encouraging the Trump Administration to take action to help protect and bring call center jobs back to the U.S.

“Our communications workers keep Ohioans connected with their families, neighbors, and the rest of the world,” said U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (OH), whose state hosts a large wireless call center in Boardman, Ohio, and 16 retail stores run by more than 860 workers. “I urge AT&T and the Communications Workers of America to reach an agreement that will keep jobs in the U.S. and ensure customers continue to receive the same standards of service.”

Reps. Mark Pocan (WI), Jan Schakowsky (IL) and Donald Norcross (NJ) said on Friday, “AT&T wireless workers are helping AT&T earn more than $1 billion a month. Strangely, these workers are being asked to swallow significant benefit cuts, and have their paid leave days cut. That’s not what a leading, profitable U.S. company does. We hope that all sides will bargain in good faith and that an equitable outcome for these workers is achieved.”

More than 17,000 workers in California and Nevada who support landline phone and broadband internet have been working without a contract for nearly one year. After voting to go on strike with more than 95 percent support, AT&T wireline workers have gathered at major state freeway overpasses to protest the company’s ongoing attempts to squeeze customers and employees.

“AT&T workers – whether they work for the wireless, wireline or DirecTV divisions – are calling on AT&T to support good, family-supporting jobs. It is a righteous fight that we are proud to support,” Dennis Trainor, Vice President of CWA District 1. “Workers are making it clear and uniting together as one movement—we won’t rest until AT&T stops outsourcing and offshoring thousands of call center, retail and technician jobs in communities and cities across the country.”

Last year, CWA members at Verizon were on strike for 49 days, finally gaining a strong contract that created and protected good jobs. During the strike, Verizon’s approval ratings were at a three-year low while analysts and media regularly remarked on the reputational damage facing Verizon.


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CWA/SEIU 2015 Bargaining Report #3

SEIU report #3

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Mobility Rally – Please Join Us!

Mobility rally

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SEIU 2015Our CWA bargaining committee met with SEIU 2015 management on January 13th, 2017.  At that meeting, the Union passed Information Requests, including one on the Holiday Bonus that SEIU 2015 distributed in December without negotiating with CWA.  The Employer apologized and will provide the information. Additionally, the Union passed a revised proposal on Article 1, clarification/corrections on Proposals for Articles 2, 6, and 8, and new proposals on Articles 12, 13, 15, and 16.

The next Bargaining sessions are scheduled for January 26th and 27th.  CWA 9003 red t-shirts have arrived and we hope to have them distributed by the end of next week!

Support your Bargaining Team!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

CONTACT:   Denise Luu, (626) 382-6217denise.luu@berlinrosen.com  or Desmond Lee, (646) 517-1826desmond.lee@berlinrosen.com


After years of raising concerns about AT&T’s severe underinvestment in California and Nevada, technicians work around the clock to make dangerous repairs

STATEWIDE – As California and Nevada experience their first major weather system of 2017, AT&T technicians are reporting phone and internet outages across both states due to crumbling infrastructure exacerbated by the storm. Technicians are working 14 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that AT&T customers have essential landline services, including access to 911 and emergency services.

Service calls jumped 350 percent this weekend. The number of calls is expected to grow as the storm continues through Thursday.

AT&T workers have been raising concerns about the company’s failing infrastructure for years, warning that AT&T’s refusal to invest in these states could cause unnecessary disruptions and outages – especially during extreme weather. Technicians from other states have been brought in to help handle the large volume of service calls.

“Our customers are our top priority, and it breaks my heart that the outages they’re experiencing could have easily been prevented,” said maintenance slicer Keith Mitchell, who is one of many technicians working in San Diego County to restore phone and internet services. “For years, we’ve been telling AT&T executives about widespread infrastructure problems and saying the company needs to invest in the basic landline services our customers need before it’s too late. But AT&T chose to ignore us and the needs of our customers, and now the company is forcing us to work in dangerous conditions to clean up their avoidable mess.”

AT&T has a history of neglecting maintenance to critical infrastructure.   A recent analysis of current service quality data provided by AT&T California to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) found significant service quality problems, citing inadequate staffing to address outages and to respond to calls for repair. The company has failed to restore service within 24 hours at the level set by the CPUC every month since January 2014.

Members of the Communications Workers of America District 9, many of whom are AT&T workers, have consistently raised concerns about the company’s crumbling infrastructure. Following an investigation opened by the CPUC in 2011, CWA members presented evidence of systemic service issues stemming from AT&T’s lack of investment in its landline network. More recently, CWA members spotlighted concerns about call completion in rural communities, as well as the inadequate staffing that threatens service restoration in these areas.

Periods of heavy rain and snowfall in northwestern California and the Sierras are expected to continue before the system moves into northern and central California Tuesday night. Meteorologists have estimated two to 8 inches of rain across the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys. While the storms will help alleviate drought conditions in these regions, the onset of heavy rain will have difficulty absorbing into the soil, raising the incidents of flooding, mudslides, and rockslides. High fire hazard areas, most of which are located in northern and central California, will have higher incidences of these issues.

While problems are mounting statewide, AT&T technicians are seeing the worst service outages in:

  • Redding
  • Napa
  • Clear Lake
  • Auburn
  • Placerville
  • Sacramento
  • Stockton
  • Lake Tahoe

“I’m working on the wire today, fighting for my customers and fighting through the storm,” Mitchell said. “Our customers depend on us for these services, and we’re doing everything that we can to get everything up and running again. But AT&T could have avoided these problems by making simple, needed investments in infrastructure across our state. We shouldn’t be out here working the wire, battling heavy rain and high winds.”


CWA District 9 represents 17,000 telecommunications professionals in California, Nevada, and Hawaii.

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2017 Membership Meeting Schedule


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CWA position regarding OSHA and AT&T/BAP

CWA Local 9003:

Here is a message from District 9 and your Local regarding our current situation with OSHA citing AT&T regarding BAP and the Premises Technicians:

With the recent ruling by Cal-OSHA regarding the Branded Apparel Program (BAP) deeming the clothing unsafe;
CWA District 9 has given AT&T our official position which is:

“The Company has a Branded Apparel Program (BAP) which Cal-OSHA has deemed unsafe. It is the Company’s responsibility to provide safe apparel. The Union demands that AT&T suspend the BAP policy until such time as the apparel is negotiated.”

Although it is admirable that members and dedicated workers are coming in to work with attire that meets the OSHA standard; the Company however has resorted to sending our members home without pay for not wearing clothing they deem “professional”. No good deed goes unpunished.

It is imperative that Locals keep accurate records and details of the events that have occurred (names, dates, times, who was involved, attire worn and reasons sent home and denied work).

In order to prevent further abuses and denial of work/pay, Workers should report to work in their BAP, ready to work and wait for the Company to provide safe apparel that meets its standards of professionalism.

We will be working your local mobilizers to make sure this message is communicated and our members are protected and safe.
If you have questions contact your assigned staff representative.

In Unity,

CWA 9003

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