Bargaining between the parties took place on October 31, 2017. SEIU brought a counter to the wage proposal that your union bargaining committee proposed on October 3rd. The union bargaining team was disappointed in SEIU’s response to our proposal, in that they countered with a minimal General Wage Increase and with the remaining based increase on an incentive program based on membership growth. The Union passed a proposal on the Grievance and Arbitration Procedure which extends the time limits and makes the informal meeting on grievances optional. SEIU agreed to meet with the Union in subcommittee on Relocation. The Union also proposed improvements for holiday pay treatment for regular full time and regular part time employees. The Union proposed improvements on Bereavement Leave and the elimination of vacation time having to be accrued. The Union passed a proposal that increased meal allowances for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and includes a meal allowance when working 12 hours in a day when away from home.  We also proposed mileage reimbursements in addition to an increased car allowance. SEIU responded with a reduction in meal allowance. The Union proposed to delete staff support of SEIU Local 2015 decisions from the contract. To date, we have Tentatively Agreed to four (4) proposals including the Leave Donation Policy.

The next Bargaining meeting is scheduled for November 20th.

Wear red on Thursdays and on Bargaining meeting days in support of your Bargaining Team

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