Send a letter to AT&T NOW!

Hi All:

We need all of our members, regardless of what unit you are from, to please click on this link and let AT&T know that they need to respect the bargaining process and come to the table prepared to achieve what’s Fair for our Mobility members!

This week we met with AT&T for the first time since they sent their “final offer” out to CWA members. The company still wants to continue outsourcing jobs and avoid addressing all the issues that matter most to CWA members.

If we want to win on our issues, we have to make sure the company knows that we are united and willing to do whatever it takes to get the contract we deserve. That’s why it’s so important to take action right now.

TAKE ACTION: Send an email demanding AT&T stop playing games and address our issues.

📩 Click here to send an email.

Once you’ve sent your email, make sure your coworkers send theirs.

Keep up the fight. Your mobilization efforts are essential to making the company move at the table.

For more details about what happened at the bargaining table, read the latest report. Click here.

In unity,
Your bargaining team

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