Election Committee

Election Committee — Shall conduct all Local election procedures pursuant to the Bylaws and Constitution of the Union.

Chair – Mike Lorraine
Co-Chair – Wynter Hawk


CWA 9003 Bylaws

Section 1. Nominations
A.         Officers and Executive Board Members shall be nominated at the regular meeting in the month  of September every third year.
B.         Nominees must be present at the meeting at which they are nominated or shall have given acceptance of the  nomination in writing to the Secretary/Treasurer prior to the start of the  Membership meeting at which nominations are to be taken.
C.         Candidates may run for only one (1) position in any election.
D.         The sequence of nominees on the ballot shall be by lot for each position in the contest.
E.         Nominations for Officers, Executive Board Members must be posted at least (15) fifteen days in advance on all Local bulletin boards and website(s).
F.          Candidates seeking an office with a designation associated with a bargaining unit (ie: Vice President – AT&T; Executive Board Member – Verizon) must be a member of that bargaining unit in order to be eligible to hold such office.
Section 2. Elections
A.         All general elections of the Officers, Executive Board Members will be conducted by United States mail ballot. The mail ballot will be posted by first-class mail to each member at his/her last known recorded address at least fifteen (15) days prior to the day the ballots are to be counted. Each ballot will be accompanied by a self-addressed prepaid return envelope.
B.         Election of Officers and Executive Board Members shall be by secret ballot cast during the month of October. Candidates for all offices shall be elected by majority vote. A runoff election, if required, shall be held in November. If a tie still exists and a second runoff is required, it shall be held in December.
C.         Write-in votes are not allowed and will not be counted.
D.         If there are no opposition candidates nominated, the nominated candidate will be considered elected by acclamation.
E.         The order of nominations and elections shall be as follows:
             1.          President
             2.          Executive Vice President
             3.          Secretary/Treasurer
             4.          Vice Presidents (AT&T & Verizon).
             5.          Executive Board Members (AT&T, Verizon, External Units).
F.          Officers and Executive Board Members shall take office at the November Membership meeting or immediately upon certification, whichever occurs later.
Section 3. Local Election Committee
A.         The nomination and election of Local officers, members of the Executive Board shall be conducted under the supervision of the Election Committee. This Committee shall have the authority and responsibility to see that nominations and elections are conducted in accordance with the CWA Constitution and these Bylaws with reasonable opportunity for each member to nominate and vote for the candidate of his or her choice. 
B.         The Election committee shall also conduct any referendum submitted to the membership.
C.         A member shall not be permitted to serve on the Election Committee if a candidate for any office of the Local.
D.         All questions concerning the conduct and challenge of elections shall be determined by the Election Committee, subject to the right of appeal to the membership of the Local.
E.         The Election Committee or the Secretary/Treasurer must preserve the ballots and other election records for one year.
Section 4. General Provisions
A.         The nominees for each Officer position receiving the majority of the valid votes cast shall be declared elected. If no nominee receives a majority on the first ballot, a runoff election shall be conducted and the two (2) nominees receiving the greatest number of votes on the first ballot shall be the nominees on the second ballot. If no nominee receives a majority on the first ballot and there is a tie for second place, a runoff election shall be conducted and the person receiving the greatest number of votes on the first ballot and the two (2) persons who tied for second place shall be the nominees on the second ballot.  For Executive Board, the nominee(s) with the highest vote totals in each designation shall be elected.
B.         Only members of the Local in good standing shall be eligible to vote or hold office.
C.         There shall be no write-in candidates.
D.         The ballot shall state that the candidates elected shall be delegates to the CWA National Convention in accordance with the CWA Constitution and these Bylaws.
E.         The term of office for Officers and Executive Board Members shall be three (3) years.