Our Local meets many of its obligations to the membership through active and committed volunteers that make up our committee structure.  Some committees are administrative in nature.  However, most are aimed at involving a broad section of members in activities that enhance our work and home lives.  All members are welcome to participate in those committee activities.  Read below for a brief description of each committee’s mission.  For more information about how to get involved, please contact the Local and ask for the Committee Chair.

Civil Rights and Equity Committee — Shall assist the Union in assuring that members are not discriminated against on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, creed, sex, age, handicap, marital status, sexual orientation or veteran status. Advocates fair and equitable representation for all members, promotes Civil Rights in the union so that all cultures have a voice and feel welcome and respected.

Community Services Committee — Shall be responsible for community service activities in the Local and in the community and shall act as the Welfare Committee of the Local. It shall function according to the objectives spelled out in the Resolution 11A-57-17 and in keeping with its duties during strikes.

Education Committee – Shall assist in developing the Local’s educational programs and, with the Local officers, be responsible for effecting the Local’s and the Union’s educational programs.

Election Committee — Shall conduct all Local election procedures pursuant to the Bylaws and Constitution of the Union.

Legislative/Political Committee — Shall be responsible for the development and implementation of the Union’s legislative and political activities.

Membership Committee — Made up of Executive Board members, the committee shall accept or reject membership applications in accordance with the Bylaws and Rules of this Local and Article 5 of the CWA Constitution and policies of the Union and shall be responsible for new members and publications for education of the membership as required.

Organizing Committee — Shall assist the Local in organizing new members into the Union.

Women’s Committee – To strengthen the role of women in unions, organize the unorganized. Increase the involvement of women in the political and legislative process. These goals continue to be the cornerstone of the women’s committee activities as members speak out for equal pay, child and elder care benefits, job security, safe workplaces, affordable health care, contraceptive equity and protection.

Budget/Finance Committee – Shall review the financial records of the Local and prepare an annual operating budget and shall submit it to the Executive Board.

Bylaws Committee — Shall receive, in writing, all proposals to amend the Bylaws, except as provided in Article 19, and report to the membership any recommendations. It shall be the duty of the Bylaws Committee to interpret Bylaws when requested to do so by any Officer, Executive Board Member, or majority of the members at a Membership meeting.

Members’ Assistance Committee – A union based program aimed toward helping our members when life’s problems cause an adverse effect on job performance and productivity. Such as; substance abuse, mental health, domestic violence, Worker’s Comp, ADA, job searches, FMLA and Disability Benefit denials.

Mobilization Committee – Disseminates information to the membership. Assist in internal organizing of the membership.

Occupational Safety and Health Committee – Shall assist the Local in assuring that members have a safe and healthy working environment.

Retired Members Chapter – Shall be responsible for attempting to involve the CWA retired members in legislative work and work that will benefit the community. It shall also be a resource for retiree programs and problem resolution.