Education Committee

Mission – The Education Committee shall assist in developing the Local’s educational programs and, with the Local officers, be responsible for effecting the Local’s and the Union’s educational programs.

  • Education Surveys for Members and Stewards:  Take a moment to let us know how we can make our Education Program more relevant to you.

Below is a list of just some of the many educational and training opportunities available to members and their families.  For more information, please contact Myesha Glover, Education Committee Chair.


    • imageAmeriSkills  are part of our Local and they are a technical training company for all AT&T employees. You can attend any of their classes and use your CWA bargained benefits; Horizons Funding. The classes will help you in advancing your career, skill sets, possible skills codes, and qualify for certifications.  AmeriSkills are now offering ON-LINE COURSES  Contact: Burt Price, Cell 714.809.4584 or sign up online for any class at: Class Registration -Ameriskills
  • APT College  has opened the pathways to lifelong learning for over 25 years on a national basis.  Their classes are hands-on and are focused on the student with instructors that are industry specialists.   All of their classes are part of a regionally accredited degree program that aligns with recognized industry certifications, employer skill requirements (AUTS codes), and in some cases State / Federal licenses.  There are constant classes in our area.  For AT&T employees, classes may be fully funded through Horizons and you may use your tuition aide.  Employees of other companies should check with their company to see if tuition assistance is offered.   They also are accepted by (Verizon) tuition aide program.   Check out the link to find a class of interest.

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  • CWA in partnership with Bismarck State College

Find over 2,000 ON-LINE courses that are completely free to CWA members and their family.  Click here for a “How To” guide.



There are several scholarship programs available for members and their children.  For more information, contact the Committee.

The CWA Joe Beirne Scholarship is named in honor of CWA’s founding President.

NettWorth Financial Group Scholarships                                                                                      To request a Scholarship Application, please click here.

The CWA Southern California Council (SCC) Scholarships is sponsored by the SCC Education Committee.  These annual scholarships are for Labor Studies courses. The SCC has established criteria for the fair and consistent awarding of these scholarships. The priority is as follows:

  1. First priority: Individuals who are currently enrolled in any Labor studies degree      program.
  2. Second priority: Individuals who are currently enrolled in a Labor Studies classes (i.e. Community College, Trade School, etc.).
  3. Third priority: All others.

Applications for more than one class will be considered after first applications from all recipients have been granted.


Scholarship Program | Legislative Black Caucus

Union Plus membership educational assistance: College Education Resources for union members and their families.


This is the only community college in the LA area that offers Labor Studies courses.  These courses can be used to obtain an Associate Arts Degree or Certificate of Completion.  As a union member, these courses are great to broaden your knowledge on the Labor movement.  Here is a list of a few up coming classes.

1-Unit Weekend Classes at Trade-Tech generally run from 8:30AM to 5:00 PM at South Campus Aspen Hall Room 221 except for *LS 121 in Room 423.

Click here for a SCHEDULE of CLASSESSCHOLARSHIPS are also available!

Units Transferable to CSU.


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