AT&T’s “Final Offer”

By now you have seen the company’s latest very public “final offer.” While at face value the company’s final offer may seem reasonable to some, the company has by-passed your Bargaining Committee in an attempt to sway our membership. This offer was never formally presented to your bargaining team and we believe the company is baiting you into conceding what we have been fighting for in ten months of bargaining and divide the membership. They did not share the offer with the union bargaining team before they sent it out publicly and emailed it to the entire membership. The company hopes the email will result in hundreds of calls to the union demanding we settle on the company’s terms, not ours. This is a dirty, bad faith ploy and it won’t work.

In fact, plans were already made for the Bargaining Committees to return to meet at the table in New Jersey beginning next week, which is the first date the AT&T negotiators said they would be available. The CWA has the right to bargain in person over such critical matters, but instead of making this proposal to your Bargaining Committee, they sent it out via several channels yesterday including directly to you, the CWA membership. So, why are they trying to go around your Bargaining Committee? They want you to be fooled into thinking this is a good deal and addresses your needs. They think a one-time payment of a $1,000 bonus to ratify this agreement will be enough for you to sell out.

What is in this offer?

  • The raise offered is less than the raises given at other AT&T tables and when balanced with the cost of healthcare is not enough.
  • Retail Sales Consultants are being offered a fraction of the “at risk” pay moved to their base in exchange for AT&T still being able to change the commissions when they feel like it, which history has proven is never good for the workers. If you are an RSC, you already know this.
  • We see they say they are offering a job guarantee, which is very interesting since we have been asking for job security language and offering up various ideas to achieve this for the past 10 months, the detail is lacking and AT&T has repeatedly told us they are not interested in this and won’t bargain job security with us.
  • It’s odd that AT&T goes on and on about providing good union jobs in the United States because a quick look at the data shows that our call center jobs are being sent to contractors and vendors at a record pace, and the Authorized Retailers,, and the newly created Integrated Sales Consultant job are all doing RSC work.

In their misleading email, notice there is:

  • ZERO mention of outsourcing – our Union proposals are geared at fixing the fact that only 7% of the calls are handled by the centers in the “Orange” footprint.
  • ZERO mention of job protections around store closings – Our Union proposals are geared at addressing that 60% of the Retail stores are now authorized dealers and this is a rising trend. The company has no interest in language that would protect our membership in fact they’ve created the Integrated Sales Consultant and Integrated Sales Support job titles outside of the Union to divert even more work from the COR stores.
  • ZERO mention of curbs on contracting out our technical work, and no mention of technicians and CSSL at all – Our proposals preserve and protect the bargaining unit work both existing and new technology in the future. The company wants to be free to send more of the technician work to contractors.
  • ZERO mention of their attendance policy – Our proposals are aimed at fixing an unfair attendance policy that has our members terminated prior to exhausting all their negotiated sick time. The company has no interest in moving on this issue.

The Company’s latest proposal fails to address many of our concerns that we have been talking to the Company bargainers about, including:

  • No resolution to our EWP issue – You have told us that you need to be able to take the flexible paid time in a truly flexible manner. What good is paid time off when you aren’t allowed to take it when you need it?
  • No resolution on our vacation issue – Our proposals would ensure our members can uses their paid vacation time when they want to by establishing minimum allowances per work group.
  • No observation language protections for Retail workers and a Call Center offer that falls very short of the protections you told us you needed.
  • No resolution on the Exchange Time issue, which Retail workers told us was especially important to them because they are suffering under the draconian attendance discipline plan and when they ask for relief via Exchange Time they are most often denied.
  • No resolution on inclement weather and safety language.
  • No resolution on the Holiday being treated properly as an extra day off in Holiday weeks when the company chooses not to open. Our proposal allows our members to actually have Holidays without a 6-day work week.
  • No resolution to our issue of compensating technicians when they are forced to “day trip” hours away from home.

You get the idea.

In bargaining, the company’s Chief Negotiator has repeatedly said “We have no interest in job security.” So it’s no surprise the company’s phony pledge on job security doesn’t prevent them from closing your store or call center and offering you a job in Nome, Alaska! They can brag about their 2% wage hike and signing bonus all they want, but that will do little good if they can ship even more of our jobs to the Philippines, and won’t do much good if they can close our store and open up a low wage authorized dealer store. The company also doesn’t come clean on their proposal to hike our Medical costs either.

We need decent jobs to pay for our rent and food. We can’t eat their rhetoric.

The iPhone X launch is coming up. If anyone wants a strong contract that addresses our long-term needs, we ask you show your solidarity by wearing stickers and participating in other mobilization activities coming up.

We ask that all members ask their managers to tell AT&T to talk with us at the bargaining table, and stop with the misleading propaganda! Now, more than ever, Workplace Mobilization is critical.

United We Bargain, Divided We Beg.

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Survey on Call Center Stress

Dear CWA members,

Please take a survey to help CWA learn about the causes of stress for call center members, and what we can do to improve job quality. CWA is partnering with Cornell University Professor Virginia Doellgast to conduct this scientific survey.

Here is the link to the survey:

The survey takes 10 to 15 minutes and can be completed on a computer, smart phone or tablet.

We need all members to participate in order to make this successful. Thank you for taking the survey and encouraging your coworkers to do the same.

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CWA 9003 Phones Back Up

The phones are back up at 9003!


CWA 9003

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CWA 9003 Phones Down

CWA Local 9003’s phones are not working. No ETA on a fix as of yet.

We will keep you posted!

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CWA 9003 Tentative Election Results

The election committee counted the ballot of the 2017 officers election today 10/27/2017.

The tentative results are:

* denotes tentative winner

Ken Slothour                            274
*Marisa Remski                         336

Executive Vice President
*Eric Norwood                           319
Rick Ruiz                                  262

Secretary Treasurer
*Pandora “Pandy” Allen            323
Scott V. Steiner                         277

ATT Vice President
Robert Wiemer                         244
Jesus Zamudio                         210
Derek Walker                            135

ATT Executive Board Members
*Marco Gutierrez                      318
*Pamm Bell                               350
Myesha Glover                         229
Gypsy Lopez                            240
Donald Castro                          216
Michael McGloiry                     100
*Roland Troy                             250
*Shelia Bordeaux                      302
Tom Deane                               231
*Kenyon Johnson                     296
Leonidas Larios                        230

In the ATT Vice President position a runoff will be held with the top two candidates since no candidate has received a majority of the votes cast.

In unity,

Your Election Committee

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“Orange” Contract Bargaining October 20, 2017 – Bargaining Report #58

Unity at AT&T Mobility

This week the CWA bargainers met to review our proposals and outstanding data requests, and to prepare responses to AT&T’s recent proposals, which did not address the issues that we have been talking to them about for months. CWA passed several proposals that address working conditions in the call centers and retail stores. We have heard you about the daily stress on the job from constant monitoring and observing and ridiculous expectations placed on you. This week several reports came in from call center workers who want to be the best they can be, but find the managers telling them that if they don’t do better the center will close. Shame on AT&T for blaming you for their mismanagement!

It is more important than ever to push for job security in the face of increased outsourcing of our work. While the amount of Call Center outsourcing and Network contracting is not immediately visible to the customers, the authorized retailers that now make up the majority of the Retail stores are a constant reminder of why we need to protect our jobs.

Thank you for the great participation on last night’s CWA Mobility Town Hall call. We had record numbers of members join this call and stay with us for a lively Q&A session. Well over 2300 of you dialed in and stayed with us to hear CWA District 1 Vice President Dennis Trainor, the bargaining committee, and mobilizers answer questions. So many of you got in queue to ask a question or make a statement that even though the call ran long, we unfortunately could not get to everyone. We look forward to doing another call with you soon. In the meantime, keep in contact with your Stewards and Local leaders for the most up to date information on bargaining and mobilization.

On another note, today was supposed to be the deadline for the 2018 Benefits Open Enrollment, but the higher than average call volumes to AT&T Benefits have made it difficult for you to get the information you need to make your 2018 choices. Because of this, AT&T is extending your opportunity to enroll and correct any error by two weeks.

Thanks to all of you who reported problems with the open enrollment. If something doesn’t seem correct it probably isn’t, so don’t assume we know about it and continue to keep the information coming in. We are in this together and when we FIGHT, we WIN!

Your CWA Bargaining Committee

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CWA / AT&T 2017 “Orange” Contract – Bargaining Report #57

This morning AT&T sent out an email to our membership that begs clarification. While not exactly fake news, it is misleading and aimed at dividing our membership.

As we last reported, AT&T did pass proposals last week. They did not pass proposals to address any of the issues that we have been discussing with them since May. In May, you successfully struck AT&T and let the company know we are not accepting less than you deserve. Our proposals still on the table reflect your priorities. Following this, AT&T continued to refuse to provide the information we need to bargain your future for the next four years. AT&T needs to be more forthcoming with the truth.

They refer to “formal” proposals not being passed since May, but they leave out the why. We have outstanding requests for information that impact our ability to make additional formal proposals. We have had proposals on the table for months that AT&T refuses to address except to say they have no interest. AT&T would prefer we bargain in the dark. AT&T has made requests of CWA that violate the National Labor Relations Act and we anticipate we will hear back from the Labor Board soon.

CWA has told AT&T that we agreed to meet via phone conference for a few weeks while we work on issues other than wages and benefits, such as working conditions. One issue familiar to Call Center workers is MI-60. After weeks of AT&T promising to bring an operations manager to bargaining to explain their use of the MI-60 program in Call Centers, we were finally joined by Bradley Petrick, the AVP over ATS call centers. The description of how this program is supposed to be used in the centers, while enlightening, did not resemble in any way what you have told us actually occurs.

Since AT&T indicated in their morning email that they are expecting a response on what was passed last week, CWA asked to reconvene at our mutually agreed upon bargaining location, and guess what? They are not available as their bargaining chair is not able to travel at the moment due to medical issues that kept him out of work. How many attendance points do you think he received? Our guess is NONE. The CWA Bargaining Committee had already planned on getting together this week to study the proposals and the open issues and work on our response. We have the right under the National Labor Relations Act to insist on face to face bargaining, and we hope the AT&T bargaining chair is cleared to travel soon.

By now you should have received information on how to join our Town Hall Call next Thursday evening, October 19th. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Duplicate Ballots

To all members,

The Election Committee has had a challenge based on the calendar dates not matching the day of the week. Therefore the committee has ruled both the dates and the day of the week as previously communicated will be met. This means the last day to request a duplicate will be Thursday October 19. Undelivered mail will be checked and Duplicates will be mailed on both Tuesday October 17 and Friday October 20.


Election Committee

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A Message From The President

After the divisive way our membership meeting ended Wednesday night, I received several calls from members saying that they felt physically unsafe during this months membership meeting. You may have heard that the meeting ended with the police department arriving to intervene and disperse the combatants.

It has become clear to me that extreme steps need to be taken to ensure the safety of our members going forward. Because of the lack of respect for anyone or the rules whatsoever, going forward there will be security officers at every membership meeting.

To be honest, membership meetings have gotten progressively worse. Part of the problem is the excessive drinking that goes on before the meetings. We have restricted Alcohol consumption inside the building, but last night members simply went into the alley behind the building to drink and became increasingly intoxicated and unruly. Going forward there will be no drinking anywhere on the property. If it is determined by the Chair of the meeting that someone is intoxicated, or behaving in a threatening manner toward others, or refuses to abide by Roberts’s Rule of Order, they will be expelled from the meeting.

In Solidarity,

Marisa Remski
CWA 9003

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2017 Nominations for Officers and E-Board Members

2017 Nominations1.jpg


2017 Nominations2.jpg

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